Monday, August 2, 2010

Ninjaproxy and Its Benefits

Gaining access to restricted sites and privacy are a couple of significant advantages that one can enjoy using ninjaproxy, a free web-based proxy.

Companies and educational institutions worldwide put up firewalls and filters on their systems to block or filter access to websites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and many others. These organizations also use software that can trace your online activity, thus the intrusion of privacy. This obstruction and intrusion can be addressed by using ninjaproxy.

This server is a free website unblocker that can be employed in schools, offices or anywhere else that allows you to surf the Internet without revealing your identity. Using ninjaproxy, you can surf the web with an agent that inhibits the third party of the collection of personal data. This acts as a two-way mirror between you and the website you are visiting, going to the site while remaining incognito. All you have to do is type a URL then hit the 'Browse' button! This tool ensures protection for yourself and your personal information, especially when on public networks.

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